54A0148 Sleeve for XGMA spare parts


54A0148 Sleeve

38A0284 Handrails XG820
Z303733 Cover
Z101910 85-01042 advance cover 21020003
PS11980 Outlet pipe welded parts D24A-003-30+A
85A0437 rubber Board
49D0199 Bulkhead
Z100817 Oil pump driven gear
Z302143 Rims
PS07623 Oil Filter combination group 765J-17-000+A
42B0001 After the three-color light (left) Z276X85
PS06668 114 Series natural gas vehicle product warranty certificate and hand 114-CPZM-08+A
Z100468 Rocker Arm
PS11707 Heat shield bolt D13-318-01+A
PS13634 Water transition joints T38-104-01+A
27B0126 Tension spring 2X700
Z100767 Pad machine
Z304027 Sprocket wheel
PS14450 GB/T3452.1-14 * 1.8: O-shaped rubber ring B00000295
06C0244 Sheathed hose F381CACA222212-1200
PS14024 O-rings U641A-7L2031+A
58A0307 Hydraulic swing motor back to the oil tank flange
Z100608 Crankshaft
10B0606 O-ring GB 1235-1976 100X5.7 rubber Ⅰ-1
18A0761 Under hook
PS10499 Rubber gasket D00-146-05+A
44B0010 Light switch JK108
41C0005 ZL50 front axle front propeller shaft
PS11803 Fan pad D16A-128-39A+A
PS15256 Clip pad D26C-131-01+A
55A0092 pad
12B0098 Wet dust ring 4474-306-09050 bridge
05B0077 Stud ZL30.2-4
00D1385 Base plate
PS16346 Joystick bracket welded parts
Z301710 The electromagnetic valve
08B0865 Kingpin A21B4-32221
Z300946 Type “O” ring 38X3.5
20C0052 Radiator XG958-121-000
Z303030 Passive clutch piece
PS07521 Double pump combination group 765C-15-000+A
17D0196 Steel Pipe
54A0122 Bushings
05C0455 Hose assembly F481CFCF101005-1670-90 °
PS12579 TD07S turbocharger assembly D38-000-684+A
PS13536 Cylinder seals hydrosphere S00000640+01
Z100066 piston
PS09450 Starter and battery cable assembly member C11AB-11AB001+A
10A0370 Right after the closure plate 8060200005
Z101408 High Pressure Pipe
Z100058 piston
Z301162 Tubing
41A0003 gear
PS07032 Exhaust pipe 761-13-001A+A
PS16081 Urea pipe
41C0539 Shaft L870
PS07650 Rubber and steel hoses 765LB-24-004A+A
Z304260 Hose φ45
99B0007 Special Service Tools X00001 containing 12 standard tools and new pressure gauges
22D0264 Bulldozing plate 80601021000
12B0266 Dust ring E6150560
47D0093 Fuel tank filler
10C0747 Stick Cylinder
00D1335 Gas spring rear bracket
00B0915 Bolt GB/T 5781-2000 M8X40- color zinc plated 4.8
PS15432 Air cleaner assembly KLG-14V-000+A
00D2387 Left front bracket
Z302714 Adjusting washer (δ = 0.2)
PS08417 GB/T5782-M10 * 130: Hex Bolts B00000385
55A0466 Kingpin seat washers
PS11864 Bypass valve sheet D17-109-02+A
07C0669 Hose assembly F481CACF353520-2350
06C0160 Hose assembly 20411-26-10/20491-26-10X1S10X790
49A0055 Polyurethane wheels 150X55
66A0022 pin
PS06720 SC8DK use and maintenance manual (first edition) (English) 114-SM-20+A
PS09245 Dipstick assembly took part C03CB-03CB601+B
PS09606 The heat shield (left) C13BL-13BL622+A
42D0009 Left alleviate pull
PS16000 Casting the left front support member
PS14220 121 series certificate and warranty booklet 121-CPZM-01+A
PS09769 Gasket C18BL-7W3159+B
22D0469 0.91 backhoe
12B0164 YX ring GB/ZQ4265-1997 d65
PS11514 Intake pipe member D12-001-902+A
47B0422 Two-speed wiper motor
PS09106 Thermostat B774ZLA-24-050+A
86A0102 Glass window
61B0149 KL XGMA special hydraulic oil L-HM-46 14KG/16L/barrel
55A1096 Sealing ring YB315Z5-33
PS09535 Gasket C12AL-M1H7666+A
02A0031 Joints
10C0401 Bucket cylinder
17D1164 Lift cylinder inlet pipe
PS06736 Fuel pump assembly (RQV-K) Owner’s Manual (English) 121-SM-10+A
12B0058 Seal HG4-692-67 140X170X16
PS12013 Water filters fixed plate D24A-112-51+A
Z304067 Exhaust takeover
17A0092 Surgeon board
06C0524 Hose assembly F481CACA222212-900
15C0101 Guide wheel assembly
61C0083 Multi-way valve manipulation of soft 885mm
PS13491 Clutch assembly LHH-40-000+A
06C1073 Hydraulic hose F381CACA121206-950
17D0114 Maebashi tubing (left)
PS08475 GB/T5783-M8 * 30: hex head bolt B00000637
22D0431 Backrest
PS11580 Bracket D12-306-03A+A
39B0030 Bearing GB/T290-1982 943 50
06C0566 Hose H20411/20491-18-06X2W06X600
15D0297 Rocker shaft
PS13676 FMV intake pipe member T88-051-06+A
00D1557 Right rear lamp holder assembly
11A0104 board
PS14483 GB/T5783-M8 * 16-10.9: hex head bolt B00000628
05C0714 Hose assembly F481CFCE101005-370-270 °
Z100565 Bevel gear
Z301417 Tubing
Z303835 Connection ring
Z100818 Idler shaft
PS14164 Gear chamber D02B-101-38+A gear chamber
61A0133 Pin
47B0059 Back Up Alarm KSHM-12F4 AT-1055B
22D0094 Bucket XG932Ⅱ extended bucket (1.8 cubic meters)
15C0113 Rollers
25C0061 Hinge
00D1497 Switch holder
12D0181 Rod Assembly
32A0091 Rubber elbow Ⅰ
00D2712 Support
00B0111 Bolt GB/T 5783-2000 M6X16- color zinc plated 8.8
52A0726 Platen 2943800488
83A1697 Mark
55C0028 Afterburner air pump XM60A
Z101849 Tilt cylinders
Z301128 Tubing
PS11185 Piston D05-101-32+A
PS14958 Manipulation of soft bracket D00-228-24+A
12B0077 Pilot handle Seal
PS08187 Crank assembly member A765I-06-010+A
Z101076 Hydraulic steering gear ring
Z301947 Throttle control
PS12766 Fuel filter (fine filter) D638-000-800B+A
PS15942 Turbine outlet connection housing
27B0210 Spring 3753700548
13A0353 Side reinforcing plate PL8X180X872
PW00723 Fastening screw 119620-79220 Yanmar 4TNV94L-SFN
PS08647 Q/SC1302-130 ~ 152: hose clamps B00001560
11A1086 Apron
85A0170 Handle head body DJ016014000
50B0053 24V Lamps indicating plate 6SQS.359.004
60C0018 Oil filter
Z302092 silencer
Z101170 Axle
42B0141 Independent front headlight headlight 75W WD125-3 Taixing, Cheng lights Plastic
Z301787 Cylinder
49D0057 cover
PS10682 Long cylinder head bolts D02A-107-01+A
00B0922 Small hexagon bolt GB/T5783-2000 M8X30 color zinc plated 8.8
47D0130 Hydraulic tank filler
70A0067 Wheel shell
PS14603 Lower bracket C00AL-00AL630+A
47B0469 Two-tone electric horn AT-1051A-24V-2PIN
12C0003 Valve JN150-35011030 XM150
PS14361 Injection pump governor assembly 9 400 360 751+A
22D0660 Forklift Bucket
PS07479 Welding outlet pipe member 763J-24-010B+A
26D0028 Slewing platform weldment
PS11850 Oil filter D17-002-900+A
18D0208 Hinge head
17D1653 Oil return pipe
Z100168 Thrust washer only
17D1224 Steel Pipe
57A0175 Driving gear flange
PS14684 Exhaust pipe (left) C13AL-13AL605+A
11B0199 Bucket cylinder seal 951
PS07036 Oil pump gasket 761-15-017A+A
02B0037 Bolt GB 10-1988 M20X65- color zinc plated 8.8
64B0089 Bleed mouth
06C0098 Hose 20411G-22-08X2W08X500
14B0053 Seals ED1/2
44C0495 Rotary motor repair kits M5X130CHB (excluding the main oil seal)
06C0285 Hose F381CACF181508-600
03B0137 Nut GB/T 6170-2000 M24 8
Z101373 Cab
42D0094 door
43C0458 Crane
60A0024 Pin
PS07939 Pulley 774Z-06-001+A
17D0287 Steel Pipe
13C0081 A drive shaft (F) 2943800426
02B0308 Dumplings attachment bolts
51B0155 Cab front windshield
11A1449 board
00A0549 Through connector
Z300818 Joint bearings GEEW30ES-2RS GB9163-2001
55A0350 Locking fingers ZL30.2.1-23
PS09103 Right into the water tank B774ZLA-24-011+A
63A0044 Dual Chamber pulley shaft
45B0026 Chronograph
11A0841 Air filter holder